Home News In Gandhinagar, PM Modi reaches out to traders hit by GST

In Gandhinagar, PM Modi reaches out to traders hit by GST

Challenges Congress to fight polls on development plank


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday assured traders that issues around the goods and services tax (GST) would be resolved.

Addressing more than 700,000 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers at Bhat, Modi said: “All GST-related issues will be resolved soon. I am confident that our traders will understand. I am assuring them. This is my promise.”

Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah were in Ahmedabad to address the Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan rally, which concluded the Gujarat Gaurav Yatra that the party had launched across the state on October 1.

The prime minister said the Congress was spreading misinformation. “Tax-related issues are not decided by me or the central government. All states are represented here. So the Congress should not spread misinformation. The Congress, too, is a part of the decision-making progress.”

He said the Congress was spreading lies about the ruling government, especially in Gujarat. Alleging that Congress hated development, Modi said, “Congress has never fought elections on the development plank. They are afraid that they may not get votes from a developed society. Those questioning us on the development of Gujarat must recall what their contribution has been to the state’s progress. They tried to blame us on all fronts. When nothing worked, they started blaming development. I challenge them to fight elections on the development plank.”

Modi said while nobody had predicted a huge victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, political observers said after the victory the Opposition should stop planning for 2019 and prepare for the 2024 polls instead. “On one hand is a party that has been founded on dynasty politics, while on the other there is a party of workers with strong ideals. It is well known that the Congress did not treat Vallabhbhai Patel well and mistreated him.”

The Prime Minister also talked about the government analysing data on black money, even as shell companies were being investigated. “Over 200,000 companies have been shut down. More are being investigated. Should I let go of the thieves?” he asked.

Criticising Congress’ social media campaign, Vikas gando thayo chhe (development has gone crazy), Shah said development was a joke for the Congress while for the BJP it was a mindset.

Source: Business-Standard