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HB-GST: GST-ASP Software

The designing and development process of the HB-GST software is undertaken by HostBooks. This GST software will be available in both Desktop and Online versions. The Desktop version will be built on Mac and Windows Platform and the Online Version will be built on extremely safe ASP.NET. This software will be compatible with different operating systems. At this time, the company has come up with a registration utility fixed within HB-GST software user interface. Users can download it for free. The registration and migration facility is the eventual benefit of the GST utility which will help seamlessly to line up the taxpayer with the forthcoming GST structure.


The software modules are designed in such a way that the GST tax filing and billing work can be completed more speedily and easily. The return filing under the GST will be done online and the payments under the GST will be accepted through Net banking, Credit or Debit card. This software is designed to understand the complete set of GST related professional requirements.

HB-GST software is a user-friendly goods and service tax software and will ensure that the GST GST work converts hassle free.

Benefits of HB-GST Software

  • Safe and secure GST e-Filing & Billing
  • Infinite Client E-filing
  • E-Payment of Taxes on single click
  • Built on ASP.NET platform
  • You can select any GSP/ASP for e-Filing Returns
  • Import Data in Returns from Billing
  • Automatic Error Detection feature
  • User friendly Mobile App for iOS and Android is available for free
  • Fully compatible with different platforms and OS
  • Auto Sync Feature
  • Invoice Uploading and invoicing for Goods and Services
  • Debit Credit Note
  • Advance Receipt and e-Way Bill
  • Customized Billing Format as per the industry
  • Match Mismatch Report Notification
  • Import and Export Feature in Excel from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN
  • Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN
  • Text and Email feature
  • Unique Client Authentication Mechanism
  • Backup/Restore and much more